Thursday, November 15, 2012

30 Day's Of Thankful Challenge: Part 1

So, Amy started a "30 Days Of Thankful Challenge".....And, I decided to try it....Let's see how this goes. 

1. a person

My dad.
 He's crazy, funny, goofy, loving, and 99% of the time  he knows how to make me smile or laugh when I'm upset.

2. an animal
 My Brownie.

He's a sweetie....When he's not barking.

3. a cozy place in your home.
My messy bed.

It's so warm and comfy, it's the perfect place to relax.

4. a favorite snack

Pineapple! I love Fresh Pineapple. 

5. a place
 Anywhere my family is.

6. a pair of shoes
 Um...Any of these! Their so comfy, and I love that they come in different colors. 

7. a scent
 Any kind of perfume, and the smell of make-up. 
They both remind me of my Grandmothers. :)
8. a restaurant
I love Chick Fil-a!
 And when I say love, I mean I LOOOOVE! Chick Fil-a!
Their food is so yummy. Plus, I'm all about supporting fellow Christians. :) 

9. a blog
 There are a few blogs I read. 
But, I'd say the ones I'm most thankful for are:

10. a time of day
 I don't really have a time of day I'm thankful for....But, I like this time of day.....

I went out side one morning when it was freezing to take this.....


  1. Thanks for the shout out, I'm thankful for you and your blog too :)