Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Beautiy Of Fall.....

It's faaaaaall!! :D :D 

I love it when the leaves change.....

I think that one is my favorite. :)


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Bedroom....

Hello boys and girls!

Welcome to the story of my long awaited bedroom remodel!

So, some years ago my dad started remodeling our house a little bit. Not anything major, just replacing the old blue carpet with laminate flooring and painting the walls, things like that. So, my room and my brothers room are the only ones in the house that haven't been redone......

.....Until now...:)

So, it started with packing. 

Now I, like most people probably do, thought "Packing? No big deal. I just need some boxes to put everything in and I'll be golden. Won't talk long at all." 

Yeah right, biggest understatement on the year! 

First off, I have a ton of stuff. It's hard to imagine how much stuff one could have in a room as small as mine. Not that my room is tiny or anything, but it's not big by any means. 

Second off: I, like other people in my family (Dad, Johnny.), have a slight case of OCD. I could not deal with putting my books, and movies into boxes unless I knew they weren't going to get messed up. And lets not even get started on how out of order my books were when my brother started just putting them into a box! He didn't even keep them in order! UGH!

(My room while packing)

All I can say is, I'm not looking forward to unpacking....:/

So this is where I'm sleeping now....

In my brothers room.....Help me!! :/

At lest I get to sleep in my bed.....

Right, moving on.....

I've had the color I wanted to paint my room picked out of awhile now, and I finally picked a color for the flooring....

They started painting my room, here's what it looks like now! :)

Look at my room! All pretty and painted!

(The color is called Ocean Whisper.)

And I'm just going to say this...(even though I know he doesn't read my blog but).....You were wrong Jerry!!! I love the color!!!

Sorry, my cousin said some things....Lets not get into that right now....lol

Next came the flooring, I picked a darker color than what my dad has in the rest of the house. It's call "Vera Mahogany"

So, here's my room after they put in the flooring.

 It's safe to say I'm in love....Just kidding....

 My dad still has to paint the closet door.

But, as soon as that's done, there isn't anything else to do! YAY!


......Can I get a big BOO!! for unpacking???

I'll let ya'll know how the unpacking goes!!

Until next time!