Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Lobster Biscuits......

I made Red Lobster's Biscuits today! Their sooooooo good!!
If you've never had these before, you must make them! Or go to Red Lobster and keep getting them to bring you basket after basket of them. (Like we do when ever we go! lol)

So when I made them I doubled the recipe........because I'm a pig and will literally stand in front of the oven and eat them right after they come out of the oven.....(So, I'm just going to give you the normal measurements. Then if you want to be a pig like me you can double it. lol)
 First get your stuff together and preheat your oven to 450.
Then put 2 cups of Bisquick, 1/2 a cup of Cheese, and 2/3 a cup of Milk in a bowl.
Then stir it all together until it's all wet and sticky, like so:

Then make them into balls, I used my hands but if you don't like getting messy you can use a spoon.
Then you pop them in the oven for 9-10 minutes, after their done take 2 tablespoons of butter and 1/8 a teaspoon of Garlic powder and melt that in the microwave, and brush it on your Biscuits! Then dig in!.....But try not to eat them all at once.
Have a nice day!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Swamp People......

Have any of you ever watched Swamp People??? If you haven't, you need too! It's about alligator hunters. I watch it with my dad, there's this one guy named Willie that we like to make fun of. "Daddy don't like pistols!" "Daddy! Don't shoot me daddy!" *lol Inside joke* I'm going to warn you though, if you click that link you might get scared, because it's a picture of Willie, and he's scary.....*But you really should click on the link, lol* Anyway in the newest episode he killed an alligator with a knife! A Knife! A freakin' knife! And he so frigin' ugly! And some woman married him! Say it with me now, EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!! lol
My dad thinks it's fun to tease me about liking him. Which I don't, he's nasty. Like really nasty lol.

 In other news! I got to babysit today! :) My Nephew is so sweet!....And cute!....and cuddly!! =D

Also, in case you were to afraid to click on the link:
 Yep, that's Willie. lol

Have a nice (Nightmare free!) night!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Jedi Braid...

So, I went to see Star Wars: Episode 1 in 3D with my brothers this weekend........Annnnd I wish I had put a Jedi Braid in my hair when we went to see it....but I didn't, so I did it today! And I'm going to tell you how.
First: Put you hair up into a pony tail.
Second: Take a sectioned of hair from behind your ear and pull it out of your pony tail. Like so:
Third: Braid that sectioned of hair. Then take down you pony tail. Annnnnd!
There you have it! An Obi-Wan Jedi Braid! (But, mine doesn't look as good as Ewan Mcgregor's)......Nerdy I know, but I think it looks cute.....And it makes me want to watch Star Wars! lol
*Also, you probably notice I showed you the other side of my head in the first pic, that's because I already had the braid on the other side of my head! lol*

Well, I'm off to get my hair cut! Have a nice day!