Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week With My Boy's!! =)

So, My awesome cousins are here to visit with my for the week!! YAY!!! Whenever we get together we have a great time! We bake, we laugh, we get REALLY loud!! Hehehe
So, one day we're gonna make Margarita's!! (Don't worry they'll be virgin one's! ;P)
And We also might make The Letter 4's MASSIVE Volcanic Cupcakes or Whoopie Pies, or something else!
BUT, whatever we do make, I'll be posting pictures of it!! We always make a ton of stuff when their over. =)

Have a nice evening and stay cool!!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Cutest Thing Ever!!!

I went to get something to drink while I was watching Deadliest Catch (One of the greatest shows ever!!) and came back into my room to find this waiting for me!

Look how cute he is!!! I love my little guy!!! =)

Have a good night and stay cool!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tie-Dye: Part 2, The T-shirts....

Ok, so here it is!!! Part 2!!! Now you'll get to see how awesome our shirts came out!!!! =D
So, no more waiting! On with the pictures!!! =P

Look how awesome those look!!! Now, here's how mine turned out after they were rinsed out and everything!!

I think their awesome!!!!
 So, that was 'Part 2'!!

Have a nice day and stay cool!!! =)


Friday, July 22, 2011

Thank You To My Followers!!

I got two more followers!!! YAY!!! That put's a BIG smile on my face!!! =D

So.....Thanks to my wonderful Nanny!!! AND....Thank you to the girls at The Letter 4!! Your girls are awesome!!! =D

And that's all, so goodnight everyone. And remember to stay tuned for tomorrow, I'll be posting pics of the T-shirts!! =)


Tie-Dye: Part 1, Cupcakes

Ok, so here it is! The post you've all been waiting for! (Or haven't, I'm not a mind reader!) Tie-Dye Day!!!!
Now ya'll might have noticed it says 'Part 1' in the title, it's because I don't have the T-shirts here with me. (Their still at Amy's house getting last minutes thing done to them!) So, once I get them here with me, I'll post 'Part 2' and that will have the pictures of the Tie-Dye T-shirts and onesies. Sound good? I hope so! Now on with the pictures!!!! Hehe

Don't those look SOOOO good!!!! They are, trust me!!

We got the idea for Tie-Dye Day after we saw The Letter 4's cupcakes!

Have a great day, and once again STAY COOL!!!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tie-Dye Day!

So today is Tie-Dye Day!! Whoop Whoop!!!......BUT, we have to wait for our shirts to dry, so I won't be
posting pic's of the shirts or the cupcakes yet! I'll do that tomorrow!! =) But, I will give you a little peek!! ;)

Look how pretty that is!!!!

Have a nice day and stay cool!!!!


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beat The Heat!

Are ya'll melting yet? I know I am!! It's been so hot that I can't sleep good, (Which if you know me, you know that's not a good thing!) So, I read something online one time about a way to stay cool when your sleeping. And I'm gonna try it tonight, so I thought way not share it with you guys!!

First: Take your pillow case off of your pillow. *You could do this with all of your sheets if you wanted*
Second: You fold it up like so.
Third: You place it in a Zip-Lock bag. (You don't have too, but I did it so it wasn't laying on top of food and stuff, you don't want it to get dirty!)
 And last but not least: Put it in the freezer! You can leave it in there as long as you'd like. The out come is a nice cool pillow! *Don't forget to seal the Zip-Lock bag*

When I was doing this I got a weird look from my mom, she also asked me why I was putting my pillow case in the freezer and why I was taking pictures of it. I didn't say anything, I just ran into her room and started taking pictures of my dog. lol

Have a nice day everyone, and keep cool!!


Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Look....

I changed the look of my blog (Again. =P) What does everyone think?? It won't stay this way for long I can promise that!! lol


I love, love, love music. Any kind really, BUT I hate (And I mean hate!) Lady Gaga (Or as my Sis and I call her: Lady Gagme.) But anyway right now I really love this song

It's a great summer song, don't you agree?

And I love this song too

I think that's all for this post! Have a great weekend!!

~ BrittanyW

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I have a follower!!

So.....I got my first follower today!!!!!......Sure it's my Big Sister (My Sis In-law is Amy, Check out her blog, it's kinda awesome! But it's my first follower!! Doesn't matter who it is, I'm still happy about it!! It means she loves me enough to read whatever weird stuff I put on here! =P

So......I think that's all, I just wanted to thank my wonderful Sister!! So.....THANK YOU!! Huge hug's to you!!! =D

Night All! =)

Happy Anniversary To My Mom & Dad!! =)

 Happy Anniversary Mommy & Daddy!!!! I love you!!! =)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I love The Letter 4!!! =)

I love love LOVE this blog!! It's called The Letter 4 (You should totally check them out!) ....And it's awesome! They have these awesome cupcakes that me and my Sis In-law are going to make at our Tie-Dye Party next week. Ok, so it's not really a party seeing as it's only going to be me and her, but it'll still be fun! We're going to make Tie-Dye t-shirts, Tie-Dye onesies for Jelly Bean and these awesome cupcakes!
Here's the link to the cupcakes:

 I think that's all for this post, I'll be posting pic from our Tie-Dye Party soon!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I've been sucked in!

It's official.....I've been sucked into the blogging world! Mainly because I found some really cool blogs to follow, and I have nothing better to do.....So why the heck not?!?
Now I'll tell you a little bit about myself, even though there's not much to tell. =/

I have two Big Brothers, who I love to death even though we fight a lot....They love to torment their Little Sister (Aka: Me.)
My Sister In-law is probably one of my best friends, we do a ton of stuff together.
I love hanging out with my cousins! Their awesome!!
If Facebook were a drug, I would be an addict. =P
I'm going to be an Aunt by this time next year.....Can't wait to meet Little Jelly Bean!! =D
And I think that's all for now, so......