Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blah! School!

I've been neglecting you little blog, and for that I am sorry. 

Will you forgive me??

For days I've been trying to come up with something to write about....But, I keep coming up blank.....

I guess I could tell you how school is going...Well, it's going.....And going....It seems like all I do anymore is school work.

It's my last year, so I've got a heavy load of work, and it's beginning to become stressful again......I know I'm not behind on my work, seeing as I started the end of last month. But, I feel like I should be halfway through the school year by now.

It feels like I'm never going to get done, like this year is going to last forever....And the thing is, this year is shorter, if anything.

In order to attend my Graduation, I have to be done by the beginning of May.......

I just need to remember to tell myself, that every day I do school, I'm a day closer to Graduation.......

.....I can't wait until I'm actually there........Finally.


Monday, September 10, 2012

Season's Come......And Season's Go.....

It's almost time to say goodbye to summer, yet again.

The once warm days are getting cool, acorns are falling from the trees, the leaves will be changing soon, if they aren't already.

Gone will be the days of wearing shorts and filp-flops, and bright colors.

Instead you will be wearing jeans and sweaters, and there will be Burnt Orange's, and Browns, and any other colors that you find in the fall. 

Even though I will miss the summer......I absolutely love Autumn.

I love watching the Leaves change, I love the cooler weather, I love Thanksgiving. 

I just love the Fall! :)